​​Cattle for sale April 27, 2018
Contact James Kuhn @ 701-426-6921 for any

questions you may have on the cattle for sale.  

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Breeding Bulls and Bred Heifers 

Cows with Calves at side For Sale 

​10 Head ..........Kuhn’s Red Angus, Napoleon, ND James Kuhn  701-426-6921 Purebred Red Angus cow with calves at side. We lost a pasture so we will be short on grass for these cows. They will be 3 to 7 years of age and sold as commercial. Calves will have had a One Shot BVD, 7-Way, and Inforce 3. Any questions, contact James at 701-426-6921.

Call us for information on our cattle  701.332.6378

"Profitable Red Angus Cattle"